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Current weather

Click here for the current outside weather conditions


Media server

On and off I've been playing with a DLNA compliant media player box, and have needed a functioning media server to supply content etc. More on this project is available here


Having recently invested in Intel VT and AMD SVM capable hardware I've been busy consolidating a number of power-sucking servers at home into a mini-machine room with a more modest number of machines using virtualization technology.

This page here provides more details, and some of the software developed along the way.


Arduino Hacks

Here are some simple hacks involving Arduino or related boards I've done along the years.

Ikea Hacks

Here are some simple hacks of Ikea furniture/lighting that I've done along the years.

Ancient measurements

For the educated person - how to surve the bizarre measurements used in the USA.

Bay area component retailers

Secret Menus on a Miele Oven

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